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Sexual Integrity forum

Thoughts on seeking a definition:

The purpose is to focus the consultation and to define the boundaries

Ie Goal posts

And Boundaries

If we don't have these we dissipate. People without integrity seek to de-rail us. It draws a 'line in the sand"

Thoughts on a Consultation Impact Statement

This is fundamentally different to a definition

The Purpose is to  grab the hearts and minds of the population (govt, media and Mr and Mrs Average) and to enlist them in an ongoing process

Here's a suggestion:

"In the (our) search for sexual integrity, we believe that -


This format allows you to say simple impact statements (ones that renounce the lies in the community (show their harmfulness) and state the values we seek to live our lives by (and that these are healthy for the community)
It says that a lot of current sexual thought and activity is without integrity - people are living a lie. It does this not by condemning confrontation, but by turning on a light that show that there are a lot of people seeking to live lives of integrity when it comes to sex
It also says we are in process, we are seekers, we are needing to continue to seek integrity in our own hearts
It asks people to join us in this journey, not just discuss the definition
It says that a lot of concerned people are concerned enough to walk the walk as well as talk the talk.
It also says that this search is a struggle, it takes application and effort and focus. It asks people to join us in this struggle.
It sets an ongoing agenda

Hope this is helpful

Tim O'Neill