Sexual Integrity Forum
Discussion Paper

by Rob Jones
Ministry to Men Australia.


Definition- Requirements
The final definition needs to be able to connect with people in a way that appeals to mankind's instinctive, genuine deep desire to try and live that has a positive outcomes and is worthwhile.
It is our wounded- ness that prevents us from achieving this wholeness.
This definition should also be pitched in a way that does not polarize by using perceived legalistic jargon, but be pitched in a way that inspires all to strive for the good of ones self and the greater good of all. This definition should be a statement that on face of it, does not seem to encapsulate all the obvious  requirements, but does, when one comes to fully appreciate and understand (in time) its logical outworking. This is a journey for our nation that will take time and patience
Definition of Sexual Integrity
Sexual integrity is learning to respect yourself, your partner and others so that you and future generations may be able to appreciate and embrace life.
Why Learn to Respect and love Yourself?
It is impossible to love or respect (or have integrity for )others if one does not respect or have a good self image. A nation can have all the definitions on sexual integrity it likes, even if they are precise and correct- they will remain just "motherhood" statements unless we help a nation to respect itself.
Our nation has a people who have missed out on what it means to respect and love self and the inherent inner security that come from this. Through our deep inner insecurities, inappropriate self destructive behavioural patterns manifest and we self-sooth and look for emotional "back doors" to maintain self worth. These self-soothing behaviours hinder our emotional development and blind us to what is right and wrong. It is precisely these wounds that we must seek not to further inflame as this will in-turn increase social blindness. No, we must help our nation, through education and mentoring to "mirror" and model the incredible inner beauty of the human being. It all starts with respect of self.
Respect and love of your partner and others
When one is at peace and is secure with oneself, the outworking of this is a greater appreciation for not only ones strengths and weaknesses, but also ones emotions, feelings and wounds. From this position of awareness and self integration, a healthy respect for ones partner and other fellow human beings naturally flows.
We need to appeal to the greater good of our nation and not inflame their existing wounds and escalate social blindness. We need to focus on healing their inner wounds and help them to love and respect themselves. The natural outworking of this will be sexual integrity.