Defining Sexual Integrity

Author: Geoffrey Bullock

Sexual integrity is the result of fitting together all the components of a person's sexual drive for the just purposes and ends to which it is designed, and into the whole of a person's humanity: It includes:

* recognising that our sexuality is part of our greater humanity.

* recognising that our sexuality is expressive of our total personhood, like the other facets of human personality: emotions, intellect, will, morality, spirituality, language.

* recognising that sexual self-expression for its own sake treats people as objects, prevents intimacy, destroys community, feeds narcissism, and creates loneliness.

* recognising that sexuality finds its fulfilment in the life-time commitment of a man and a woman to each other, for mutual enjoyment and the procreation of children, and the creation of family.

* recognising that, because the sex drive is a powerful force, it can be misused if not controlled.

* recognising that self-control is a part of sexual integrity, and that such restraint of the sex drive need not be psychologically unhealthy.

Geoffrey Bullock