Sexual Integrity Definition
By Byron Pirola

Nature of the definition we are seeking:
"To resonate with the average Australian as a statement that is true ('I can't argue with that')
"To be inspiring and not condemning
"To be at the level of 'principle' and not 'behaviour'; that is, it is crafted such that positive and negative behaviours can be concluded as such without explicitly defining said behaviours
"Avoids language that is seen to be relevant to only one social sub-group (e.g., Christian, religious, etc)
Starting definitions:
Sexual:Function: adjective
"'The character of being male or female'
"'Of, relating to, or associated with sex or the sexes'
"'Characterising what is peculiar to sex; as sexual organs, sexual desires'.
"'Having or involving sex'.  'Denoting the method of reproduction by sexes, as distinguished from asexual reproduction'
Integrity:Function: noun
"'Wholeness, unbroken state'.  'The entire, unimpaired state of anything, particularly the mind'.  'An unimpaired condition'.  'The quality or state of being complete or undivided
"'Moral soundness or purity'. ' Firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values'
"Special reference to 'uprightness in mutual dealings'
A starting 'Statement of Truth [Belief]'
"All human persons have inherent dignity and value; we are therefore required to treat every individual with respect and dignity
. . . Personal integrity is the act of respecting my own humanity and, through my thoughts and actions, behave in ways that implicitly respects and honours the humanity of everyone I meet
"By our very nature women and men are equal and different-our sexuality is something to celebrate and not deny. . .
. . . Sexual integrity is the act of respecting [being true to] my own masculinity or femininity and, through my thoughts and actions, behave in ways that implicitly respects and honours the sexuality everyone I meet
"Sexual integrity recognises:
-Simultaneously both the differences and the equality of women and men; neither can be used by one for their benefit at the expense of the other
-Sexual intercourse is an other-centred simultaneous 'gift of self' that, by its very nature, is intrinsically unifying and life-giving
-Adults must always protect and nurture the sexuality of children
Therefore, in conclusion:
Definition:Sexual integrity is men and women always treating each other as equals and never to the benefit of themselves at the expense of the other
By-line:Sexual Integrity-its just good manners
Sound-bites:'The absence of sexual integrity leads to the sexual abuse and misuse of women, men and children; at both the level of the individual and society'
'Sexual integrity is something we should be able to expect from others, and therefore must participate in ourselves'