Bill Muehlenberg

Sexual Integrity means choosing to enjoy human sexual activity only in its ideal expression, the committed life-long relationship between a man and a woman, with openness to its natural fruit, procreation.

Jane Rookes

Sexual integrity is the expression of an individual's sexuality in ways that add value to their spouse (or future spouse) and enhance both partners life purpose.

John Miller

1)Sexual Integrity: get it right more joy - get it wrong more pain
2)Sexual integrity means more joy and less hassles.

The idea behind these is not to try to get an accurate definition acceptable to all, but to challenge people that there is an issue, that is important, that they need to work through and get right.  I will keep working on it.

Another definition of sexual integrity. The opposite to integrity is discredit.
Sexual integrity means human (character?sexual?) credibility.

Mary-Louise Fowler & Fr Tony Percy

Sexual Integrity concerns the affirmation and respect for the distinction between male and female.  In addition, it means having respect for the authenticity of this difference in ordinary human life and sexual relations between male and female.  Sex is founded on the distinction and difference between male and female members of the human race.

Byron & Francine Pirola
Sexual Integrity

Nature of the definition we are seeking:
"To resonate with the average Australian as a statement that is true ('I can't argue with that')
"To be inspiring and not condemning
"To be at the level of 'principle' and not 'behaviour'; that is, it is crafted such that positive and negative behaviours can be concluded as such without explicitly defining said behaviours
"Avoids language that is seen to be relevant to only one social sub-group (e.g., Christian, religious, etc)
Starting definitions:
Sexual:Function: adjective
"'The character of being male or female'
"'Of, relating to, or associated with sex or the sexes'
"'Characterising what is peculiar to sex; as sexual organs, sexual desires'.
"'Having or involving sex'.  'Denoting the method of reproduction by sexes, as distinguished from asexual reproduction'
Integrity:Function: noun
"'Wholeness, unbroken state'.  'The entire, unimpaired state of anything, particularly the mind'.  'An unimpaired condition'.  'The quality or state of being complete or undivided
"'Moral soundness or purity'. ' Firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values'
"Special reference to 'uprightness in mutual dealings'
A starting 'Statement of Truth [Belief]'
"All human persons have inherent dignity and value; we are therefore required to treat every individual with respect and dignity
. . . Personal integrity is the act of respecting my own humanity and, through my thoughts and actions, behave in ways that implicitly respects and honours the humanity of everyone I meet
"By our very nature women and men are equal and different-our sexuality is something to celebrate and not deny. . .
. . . Sexual integrity is the act of respecting [being true to] my own masculinity or femininity and, through my thoughts and actions, behave in ways that implicitly respects and honours the sexuality everyone I meet
"Sexual integrity recognises:
-Simultaneously both the differences and the equality of women and men; neither can be used by one for their benefit at the expense of the other
-Sexual intercourse is an other-centred simultaneous 'gift of self' that, by its very nature, is intrinsically unifying and life-giving
-Adults must always protect and nurture the sexuality of children
Therefore, in conclusion:
Definition:Sexual integrity is men and women always treating each other as equals and never to the benefit of themselves at the expense of the other
By-line:Sexual Integrity-its just good manners
Sound-bites:'The absence of sexual integrity leads to the sexual abuse and misuse of women, men and children; at both the level of the individual and society'
'Sexual integrity is something we should be able to expect from others, and therefore must participate in ourselves'

Integrity actually means "whole" and the opposite is disintegrate - Mary-Louise Fowler

1)  Treasure the gift of your own sexuality and keep it for the one you love.
2) Abstinence before marriage and fidelity after marriage.
3) True love waits.
4) Honesty and responsibility, in both thought and action
regarding gender relationship issues, the dynamics of
sexual arousal, and the practice of sexual

Linton Deane - Sexuality does not exist merely for its own sake,
Rather sex fosters human nurturing, both through the union of husband and wife,
And through the enrichment of society through the building of families and communities…..

Another definition of sexual integrity. The opposite to integrity is discredit.
Sexual integrity means human (character?sexual?) credibility.

John Miller
MTM - Ministry to Men
Definition- Requirements
The final definition needs to be able to connect with people in a way that appeals to mankind's instinctive, genuine deep desire to try and live that has a positive outcomes and is worthwhile.
It is our wounded- ness that prevents us from achieving this wholeness.
This definition should also be pitched in a way that does not polarize by using perceived legalistic jargon, but be pitched in a way that inspires all to strive for the good of ones self and the greater good of all. This definition should be a statement that on face of it, does not seem to encapsulate all the obvious  requirements, but does, when one comes to fully appreciate and understand (in time) its logical outworking. This is a journey for our nation that will take time and patience
Definition of Sexual Integrity
Sexual integrity is learning to respect yourself, your partner and others so that you and future generations may be able to appreciate and embrace life.
Why Learn to Respect and love Yourself?
It is impossible to love or respect (or have integrity for )others if one does not respect or have a good self image. A nation can have all the definitions on sexual integrity it likes, even if they are precise and correct- they will remain just "motherhood" statements unless we help a nation to respect itself.
Our nation has a people who have missed out on what it means to respect and love self and the inherent inner security that come from this. Through our deep inner insecurities, inappropriate self destructive behavioural patterns manifest and we self-sooth and look for emotional "back doors" to maintain self worth. These self-soothing behaviours hinder our emotional development and blind us to what is right and wrong. It is precisely these wounds that we must seek not to further inflame as this will in-turn increase social blindness. No, we must help our nation, through education and mentoring to "mirror" and model the incredible inner beauty of the human being. It all starts with respect of self.
Respect and love of your partner and others
When one is at peace and is secure with oneself, the outworking of this is a greater appreciation for not only ones strengths and weaknesses, but also ones emotions, feelings and wounds. From this position of awareness and self integration, a healthy respect for ones partner and other fellow human beings naturally flows.
We need to appeal to the greater good of our nation and not inflame their existing wounds and escalate social blindness. We need to focus on healing their inner wounds and help them to love and respect themselves. The natural outworking of this will be sexual integrity.

Defining Sexual Integrity
Geoffrey Bullock

Sexual integrity is the result of fitting together all the components of a person's sexual drive for the just purposes and ends to which it is designed, and into the whole of a person's humanity: It includes:
* recognising that our sexuality is part of our greater humanity.
* recognising that our sexuality is expressive of our total personhood, like the other facets of human personality: emotions, intellect, will, morality, spirituality, language.
* recognising that sexual self-expression for its own sake treats people as objects, prevents intimacy, destroys community, feeds narcissism, and creates loneliness.
* recognising that sexuality finds its fulfilment in the life-time commitment of a man and a woman to each other, for mutual enjoyment and the procreation of children, and the creation of family.
* recognising that, because the sex drive is a powerful force, it can be misused if not controlled.
* recognising that self-control is a part of sexual integrity, and that such restraint of the sex drive need not be psychologically unhealthy.

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Sexual Integrity forum

Tim O'Neill
Thoughts on seeking a definition:

The purpose is to focus the consultation and to define the boundaries

Ie Goal posts And Boundaries If we don't have these we dissipate. People without integrity seek to de-rail us. It draws a 'line in the sand"

Thoughts on a Consultation Impact Statement

This is fundamentally different to a definition

The Purpose is to  grab the hearts and minds of the population (govt, media and Mr and Mrs Average) and to enlist them in an ongoing process

Here's a suggestion:

"In the (our) search for sexual integrity, we believe that -


This format allows you to say simple impact statements (ones that renounce the lies in the community (show their harmfulness) and state the values we seek to live our lives by (and that these are healthy for the community)
It says that a lot of current sexual thought and activity is without integrity - people are living a lie. It does this not by condemning confrontation, but by turning on a light that show that there are a lot of people seeking to live lives of integrity when it comes to sex
It also says we are in process, we are seekers, we are needing to continue to seek integrity in our own hearts
It asks people to join us in this journey, not just discuss the definition
It says that a lot of concerned people are concerned enough to walk the walk as well as talk the talk.
It also says that this search is a struggle, it takes application and effort and focus. It asks people to join us in this struggle.
It sets an ongoing agenda

A Collection of Brief Definitions of Sexual Integrity